interesting tattoos

Recently I have been thinking alot about the things I would like to do in the future like travel, cliff dive, etc. And somewhere on that very long list is “tattoo”. So here are some of the ideas I have for a small tattoo at the moment.

Barely see it, i like it.

Salt, sand, and sun three things i couldn’t live without.

So simple, yet it say’s so much.

Shoulder of the wave, get it? (surfer joke man)


Pineapple obsession

Okay so I actually have no clue why but I love pineapple. I’m like obsessed with the fruit.

Pineapple juice , pineapple popsicles, pineapple yogurt literally every single thing pineapple flavored or that has to do with pineapples.

Pineapple vans

Pineapple penny boards

Pineapple shirts

Pineapple phone accessories

Pineapple bikinis


I love it all.